Do it for the kids!

By: Honor Roll Scooters

May 14 2014

Category: electric scooter

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Focal Length:10.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

One less car? Is that not the point? Look at it this way…A driver replaces a car that gets 25mpg with a tesla type vehicle, lets say that driver averages 100 miles per day of driving, after 100 days that is 10,000 miles at 25 mpg=400 gallons of gas not burned, not bad.. Now take those same batteries from that one vehicle, divide them up 150 ways to power ebikes/scooters. If those 150 people rode just ten miles per day each, after 100 days that would be 150,000 miles e-ridden,not driven,using gas. If we assume all those people also offset their 25mpg cars, this works out to 6000 gallons of gas not used…every hundred days…rebuttal?


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